Alumnae Chapter President

Laura Turner
Initiated Epsilon Zeta, Western Kentucky University

The president oversees all events, programming, administration and membership. Contact for more details regarding the chapter. Contact the President at

Vice President of Communication

Jill Mischler
Initiated Alpha Theta, University of Louisville

The Vice President of Communication records and keeps a permanent record of the chapter meeting minutes. The VPC also works with the VPP to distribute the Alumnae Chapter newsletter, which is sent to all Sigma Kappas on the alumnae directory at least once annually. Contact the VPC at

Vice President of Finance

Jennifer Helton Holt
Initiated Alpha Theta, University of Louisville

The Vice President of Finance manages all the financial matters for the chapter. She collects dues from all members and receives all other group funds. She also keeps an accurate list of all paid members and maintains the permanent file of receipts and disbursements. The VPF creates the annual budget for approval by members and an annual report at the end of each fiscal year. Contact the VPF at

Vice President of Membership

Danielle Marsh
Initiated Epsilon Zeta, Western Kentucky University 

The Vice President of Membership coordinates the recruitment efforts of new alumnae chapter members and keeps an updated and permanent file of all members in the area. She works closely with the Vice President of Programming to plan recruitment activities. The VPM also acts in the place of the President in her absence. Contact the VPM at with membership questions.

Vice President of Programming

Kim Howell 

Initiated Alpha Theta, University of Louisville

The Vice President of Programming plans and coordinates the activities and events for the Alumnae chapter. She also oversees the production and distribution of the Alumnae Chapter newsletter along with the Vice President of Communication. Contact at with event ideas or for RSVP information.

Vice President of Philanthropic Service

Jamie Farley
Initiated Alpha Theta, University of Louisville

The Vice President of Philanthropic Services coordinates the philanthropic endeavors of the Alumane chapter. She works with the VPP to plan and advertise philanthropy events for members to attend. Contact the VPPS at

Panhellenic Delegate

Kelly Farley Henry
Initiated Alpha Theta, University of Louisville

The Panhellenic Delegate represents Sigma Kappa at Louisville City alumnae Panhellenic meetings and events. She accepts and completes assignments given by alumnae Panhellenic. The Panhellenic Delegate also presents a report of Panhellenic events at each Sigma Kappa meeting and reports appropriate Sigma Kappa events back to the Panhellenic chapter. Contact the Panhellenic delegate at

Collegiate Relations Chairman

Laura Farkas
Initiated Theta Tau, Kansas State University

The Collegiate Relations Chairman works with the other officers and is responsible for being the liaison between the alumnae and collegiate chapters. Contact the Collegiate Relations Chairman at