Your GLAC membership dues support both the national organization and our local chapter.  The greatest part is that GLAC Membership is only $50.00 per year!

National Dues ($30.00):  Alumnae national dues (formerly “per capita” dues) are paid voluntarily each year.   Alumnae who participate in the national dues program help the organization provide valuable resources and opportunities to our members.  Your national dues support the bi-annual national convention ($7.00) and general operating expenses ($23.00).  General operating expenses include:

  • Programming, training, and other resources for alumnae and collegians

  • Extension opportunities for both alumnae and collegiate chapters to ensure growth of our organization

  • Technology initiatives including the Sigma Kappa website, Live Sigma Kappa and The SKoop

  • A high quality staff at national headquarters

Alumnae national dues help ensure our organization continues to grow and enrich the lives of women for years to come.

Local Dues ($20.00):  Local membership dues are used for a number of things including: collegiate sponsorship, alumnae events, philanthropic endeavors, and general operating expenses.

Invoiced Via BillHighway:  Sisters can join our chapter at any time of the year.  We use BillHighway to invoice your dues on an annual basis.  BillHighway will bill you for a full calendar year from the day you join. BillHighway accepts all major credit cards.  Please note that you will need to use a different e-mail address then used for your collegiate BillHighway account (if applicable).

Please contact for more information.